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BUSINESSMED co-organized the MEDITEX 2019

BUSINESSMED co-organized the MEDITEX 2019

Barcelona, Spain

The 5th edition of the Mediterranean Textile Forum (Meditex) co-organized by BUSINESSMED on the sideliners of the MedaWeek Barcelona 2019, was held on 20 November 2019, in Barcelona.

The conference aimed to highlight the changes facing the textile sector in the Mediterranean, which, thanks to the 4th industrial revolution, further promotes environmental and social sustainability.

New regulations, job creation, sustainable economy, support for creativity, new technologies and protection of the environment were among the key words addressed by the Forum's speakers.

The textile sector is particularly concerned with water and soil pollution because of the many chemicals used and this pollution strongly affects key sectors of the region, such as tourism or agribusiness. The forum has clearly highlighted the common desire of a Mediterranean textile industry that is less wasteful and eco-friendlier, thanks to the "Fourth Textile Industrial Revolution", which offers innovative solutions using new technologies and which will lead to a reduction of pollutants and an improvement of the working conditions.

Young talents from the Mediterranean also presented their projects and their vision for a new sustainable textile sector.