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BUSINESSMED invited to the forum MedROME 2019

BUSINESSMED invited to the forum MedROME 2019

Rome, Italy

The President of BUSINESSMED, Mrs Saida Neghza, participated on 5 December 2019, in the MedRome Forum 2019 "Beyond the turmoil, a positive agenda" organized by the ISPI - Institute for International Policy Studies, in Rome.

Mrs Neghza spoke during the session under the theme "Infrastructure, a tool for economic integration in the Mediterranean", a cross-cutting issue at the heart of the Mediterranean region's priorities.

The President of BUSINESSMED highlighted the challenges that the region is increasingly facing in order to integrate into international supply chains: “The subject that is at the heart of our discussions today is a major topic that falls within the remit of the organisations that I represent, whether in Algeria or in the Mediterranean. Mediterranean countries are finding it increasingly difficult to integrate into international supply chains and to adapt their infrastructures to changing global markets, however, there is a clear willingness in the region to improve and develop trade and the need for industrial integration.”

The President of BUSINESSMED also stressed that each of these steps requires increased cooperation and trust between the public and private sectors, as governments and business must work together to attract investment in facilities for the development of societies and cities, as well as for the people who are building a sustainable, stable and prosperous future in the region.