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BUSINESSMED - Business Continuity Plan Following Covid-19

BUSINESSMED - Business Continuity Plan Following Covid-19

The economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on different ecosystems require a global response. BUSINESSMED joins this call for action to support business continuity during this period of disruption.

Building on our adaptive capacity, we are strengthening the resilience of our current systems to ensure their functioning during the crisis. We recognize our inability to cope with the forces of nature, but we have a major role to play in controlling how we respond to these extreme situations.

BUSINESSMED, in collaboration with renowned international consulting organisations, is committed to managing change and building a structured and comprehensive approach to crisis management and business recovery.
In recent months, the organisation has been fully engaged in the implementation of the COVID-19 preparedness and response plan.

This has resulted in compliance with physical restraint and movement restrictions commensurate with the health risks.

The strategic directions have been adapted to current and urgent needs in order to react very quickly, supported by innovative and technological solutions.

1 May 2020
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